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Membership and Classes


All natural and legal persons who meet the conditions stipulated by the legislation are entitled to be a member of AFCEA Turkiye Chapter who have the capacity to act and whom agree to work in this direction by adopting the aims and principles of the Chapter.

Membership classes and attributes AFCEA Turkey as explained in Article 7 of Regulation; Individual, Student, Honorary and Corporate memberships.


All natural persons meeting the conditions for membership are defined as Individual Members. Explanations about individual memberships are given in the sub menu.

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In order to encourage students' membership to the Association, they are Members who fulfill the membership conditions determined by the AFCEA International, who continue their education full-time and do not have any income (salary). Student Members do not have the right to vote in the Chapter's General Assembly, to be elected as a delegate and to take part in the Association's organs.


Those who have completed 40 years in continuous membership or those who are over 65 and have a continuous membership of at least 35 years can be accepted as honorary members with the decision of the Board of Directors. Honorary Members; cannot vote in the Chapter's General Assembly, elected as a delegate, or take part in the organs of the association.

All legal entities meeting the conditions for membership are defined as "Corporate Members". Corporate Membership is valid for organizations of various sizes. In case of becoming a member, legal entities have the right to register the number of personnel determined by AFCEA International Headquarters as members according to the amount of dues to be paid. The status of these members will be "Corporate Member". Explanations about corporate memberships are given in the sub menu.

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