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Chapter Principles

Connecting people, ideas and solutions globally.


To provide joint forums that support information exchange between national and international government, academia and industrial organizations in defense, homeland security, information technologies, communication and other areas related to electronic systems.


To be a leading chapter for national and international public institutions and organizations, industrial and academic circles in the field of defense, homeland security, information technologies, communication and electronic systems.


providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information.  AFCEA is dedicated to increasing knowledge through the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information technology, communications, and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities.


Ethics: All activities carried out are treated ethically at the highest level.

National Leadership: To ensured that ideal leadership is applied to the target audience and members of all levels are encouraged in this regard.

Commitment: Continuous efforts are made to improve the chapter and to improve the service provided to our members.

Quality: It is ensured that everything performed is of the highest quality.

Education: It is aimed to do everything possible to improve education for members and the communities served.

Diversity: All of our members and all segments of our community are encouraged and embraced, and new members are continuously supported.


AFCEA Turkiye is working on the following topics within the above objective, ideals, ethical values and in line with the duties:

  • To make researches for conducting and developing the activities.

  • To organize national and international seminars, conferences, panels and training courses.

  • To obtain all kinds of information, documents and publications required for the realization of the purpose, to publish publications such as newspapers, magazines, books and bulletins in order to publicize their work.

  • To organize social events and meetings to develop and maintain relations between its members.

  • Participating in international activities, cooperating on an activity or project with other AFCEA chapters and organizations for this purpose.

  • To support and assist AFCEA International and its chapters in their activities on related issues.

  • To accept donations from within the country and abroad by obtaining the necessary permissions within the framework of the legal legislation in order to support activities.

  • To provide educational scholarship aid and opportunities with donations made to students.

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