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Corporate Membership

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All legal entities complying the conditions for membership are defined as Corporate Members. Corporate Membership applies to organizations of various sizes. In case of becoming a member, legal entities have the right to register the number of personnel determined by AFCEA International as members according to the amount of dues to be paid. The status of these members will be "Corporate Members". Each Legal Person is represented at the General Assembly by their personnel registered as "Corporate Member". Corporate Members, having the same rights as Individual Members, can take part in the organs of the Chapter, be elected delegates and vote in the General Assembly.

  • In order to meet the demands of the ever-changing global security market, AFCEA brings together small, medium and large-scale companies to establish communication, sharing and cooperation between them.

  • As a Corporate Member, you always have a say in mutual sharing of ideas and thoughts, and you can ensure their development under the name of thought leadership, which is an AFCEA advantage.

  • AFCEA events and conferences provide you with communication (networking) opportunities at international and regional levels.

  • Members can be engaged in all levels of the association's activities. They can take part in leadership positions at the international, national, and chapter level, thereby helping to define trends, find solutions and express member needs.

  • AFCEA's brand and membership base are widespread around the world. Wherever you go, you can join our network through our local chapters and interact with the local business environment and global markets.

  • AFCEA BrandLink is your toolbox to optimize the  marketing, communications and networking power of AFCEA.

  • Corporate members also include the following marketing discounts:

    • Providing discounts for sponsoring and exhibiting at international events.

    • Achieving the priority of advertising in SIGNAL Magazine, which is the main publication of AFCEA.

    • Discount advantage for advertising on AFCEA website.

    • Inclusion of free company profile in SIGNAL Magazine.

    • Publishing free news on the SIGNAL site and magazine.

    • By means of AFCEA's on-line Corporate Member Directory, the image of the company before public and industrial organizations is made more effective.

    • Purchase current listings in AFCEA's Corporate Membership Directory at a discount.

    • Free announcement of corporate achievements through AFCEA channel.

    • AFCEA provides the opportunities, products and services necessary for your organization to succeed.

    • Recruiting successful and distinguished staff as award-winning (free) corporate members

    • Organizing special education and communication (networking) workshops and events.

    • Participation in international AFCEA events with a reduced registration fee.

    • Free subscription to SIGNAL Magazine, AFCEA's monthly professional publication.

      To establish close relationships with many chapters around the world.

    • Membership discounts on certain business products and services.

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