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Individual Membership


All real persons meeting the conditions for membership are defined as Individual Members. Individual Members have the right to attend and vote in the General Assembly meetings of the Chapter. Individual Members are also entitled to be elected as Chapter Officers and to be elected as delegates to represent the Chapter at the AFCEA International General Assembly meetings.

Individual Membership is also classified based on membership fee payments.

Normal Membership:   Members who meet the conditions for membership determined by the AFCEA International for the amount and duration of the dues.

Lifetime Membership:   Members who meet the conditions for membership determined by the AFCEA International, with a lifetime dues to be paid at once.

Benefits for Individual Members

  • AFCEA brings together new ideas and thoughts, vital solutions and innovative visionaries to advance the global security mission.

  • SIGNAL Magazine is sent to members free of charge every month. This journal is AFCEA's main professional publication in the field of communications, electronics, intelligence and information systems.

  • Members are part of a wide network of public, academia and industry experts in areas such as information technologies, communications, intelligence and homeland security.

  • Members, organized by AFCEA International and the AFCEA Turkiye and it is sponsored national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and so on. They can participate in events.

  • Members are invited to participate in organized, Chapter and regional activities to learn about professional development needs. Members have immediate access to a " Local AFCEA Chapter network " available wherever they are.

  • AFCEA cooperates with various Center of Academic Excellence in order to provide its members with the opportunity to receive training and certification at affordable prices.

  • Members can attend various courses organized by AFCEA for their own training ( Onsite Courses).

  • Leadership Forums: The Leadership Sessions, organized by AFCEA Education Foundation in small groups for the leaders of the future, provide the participants with the opportunity to listen to and learn a lot from experienced and proven leaders in a friendly atmosphere.

  • AFCEA's Awards and Scholarship programs are events where the professional and academic achievements of branches and members are promoted at both branch and international level.

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